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What is the annual
BIG for SMALL giveaway?

Every January Jess holds a vote for a BIG mural to be given to a SMALL business in the United States. That's right, your business could win a free completely custom mural! Indoors or outdoors!

What is covered if my small business wins?

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Hard Country Cafe is a family owned restaurant (3 generations) located on I-10 at the border of Louisiana and Texas. Living up to a legacy of growth, we've been constantly rebuilding since both Hurricanes Ike and Laura came through and ravaged our town. We were home-base for rescue efforts and kept serving our famous biscuits and gravy to fuel the first responders. If you ever find your way through Vinton, LA stop by for a cup of coffee, great food, and even better conversation.

2022 WINNER!

Hard Country
Vinton, LA

The mural is in progress. Check back for updates!

BIG thank you to everyone that voted and donated!

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