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Business MURALS.

Jess relishes in the mural process for businesses. She takes pride in making sure the art connects with your branding, is durable, eye-catching, and helps pull customers in.
Indoor or outdoor murals bring a new level of excitement to your space. They can turn a dark corner of your space into and space people want to be in. Or brighten up an old exterior wall making it a destination for customers to take photos or add a new outdoor space.

Jess also offers live murals and window murals. Both are a great way to stir up curiosity for your grand opening or re-opening, charity, or for marketing any event. 

"We love it so much! It's become the spot where all our adoption photos are taken and our walk-ins are up! Jess is a legend here."
                                                              - Animal House Dog Rescue


MURALS in your home.

Murals can make your house feel like something right out of magazine, spark your child's imagination, and put a smile on your face every day.

Home murals are no longer paintings of deer in a field or a quote, let your imagination go wild! Bedroom ceilings with a sophisticated design are calming at night and awesome to wake up to. Next level starry night murals are great for sleeping under or watching movies. A canopy of trees on the ceiling in your sunroom bring the outdoors right in with you, minus the bugs. The kid's rooms & Nursery's are the perfect space to go wild with ideas! 

"Every morning we just sit in there and look around. It's so cozy. Now it's the nicest room in the house! We already have ideas for another room."

                                                                                  - The Lytle family

J Bean .jpg

Why jess paints MURALS.

Bringing beauty on a large scale to the entire community is THEE BEST! 

Jess takes pride in giving art to her clients that makes them smile.


The design process is very important to her, pulling ideas, finding the perfect colors, and making sure the every piece is unique & engaging.


Murals are her happy place and she wants her clients to feel that same happiness.

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