Since I started at 17 years old in 2004, I have painted hundreds of murals, in 10 states including Hawaii and NYC. It's so surreal to think about. 

Growing up in midwestern United States with not a lot of money instilled a pride in hard work in me. It was a "if you can't afford it, figure out how to make it" kind of household. Now I take that ingenuity and seek to grow my practice to continue to push myself to new levels constantly. I love projects that push me to grow as an artist whether thats a massive wall or the tiniest commission of something I've never painted before. 

A huge passion of mine is supporting small businesses. As a fellow small business I understand the commitment and hard work that has to happen as an owner. Thats why in 2021 after a very rough year for small businesses I began the Big for Small initiative. Every year I will be donating a mural to a small business in the US and covering all expenses for them. This year's winner is a diner in Louisiana that opened its kitchen to the community after hurricanes ravished their city.