Since 2004 I have painted over 100 murals & countless commissions, surreal to think about. I really enjoy the process of interacting with my clients brainstorming a perfect design. My goal is to make a piece that you will give you a smile everyday.

CLICK through the pages or contact me for pricing & more about how my art can suit your needs... you might even find a need you didn't know you had. 

My first 15 years of work was commission (client requested ideas) only. It expanded my abilities into mediums & subject matter I would have never tried on my own. Honestly, if you ask for something I haven't had experience with, I would be surprised. I wouldn't trade those years of experience for anything. With all of that experience my favorite medium is acrylic. Painted on particle board, brick, cinder block, heavily textured walls, pipes, metal... you name it. 

My ultimate goal is that my art brings you the same kind of joy it brings me. And never be afraid to ask if I can do a project you don't see on my


              - JESS