Since I started at 17 years old in 2004, I have painted over 150 murals and countless commission pieces. It's surreal to think about. 

Growing up in midwestern United States with not a lot of money instilled a pride in hard work. Now I seek to grow my practice to continue to push myself to new levels constantly. It's the reason why I will never stop trying new mediums and taking on subject matters that expand my skills.

Currently I'm exploring things that are important to me and the communities I work in. The Emotions Collection explores mental health, specifically bipolar disorder. Bringing understanding to emotions that are often masked by people suffering from them. My other project has just begun and is a series of portrait murals in tribute to local community heroes. After realizing most portrait murals are celebrities and asking myself 'why?'. I wanted to give the same kind of representation to local heroes that have real impact in their organization or community. 

Another huge passion of mine is supporting small businesses. As a fellow small business I understand the commitment and hard work that has to happen as an owner. Thats why in 2021 after a very rough year for small businesses I began the Big for Small initiative. Every year I will be donating a mural to a small business in the US and covering all expenses for them.